Management Concerns Regarding
Working Capital Management
  • Are we intelligently financing our operations?
  • Are we able to accurately forecast the surpluses and shortages of cash?
  • Do we hold inventory at optimum level?
  • Are we recovering our debts in time?

Working Capital Optimization

Supplier Contract Management

Our techniques in data analysis, process study and improvements, identification of inefficiencies and leakages and our research on best market practices, enable us to directly address the needs of our customers and to provide professional guidance toward achieving their goals efficiently.
Our services assist our clients in effective evaluation and monitoring of suppliers performance enabling them to spend wisely.

Associated Risks

  • Non Transparent Creation & Award of contracts.
  • Poor Negotiation
  • Non compliance with agreed terms
  • Cost overruns and disputes

Our Related Services

  • Contract Audits
  • Supplier Market Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing,
  • Mystery Shopping and Visits
  • Vendor or Supplier Performance Analysis
  • Vendor Visits & Inspection
  • Supplier Visits & Inspection
  • Price change control advisory
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