Management Concerns
  • Are we compliant with all the regulatory requirements applicable to our company?
  • Do we have a structure to effectively monitor and ensure compliance with the law?
  • Do we educate our staff regarding our company policies and work ethics?
  • Do we ensure that all our business partners comply with agreed business terms?


Regulatory Compliances Evaluation

We understand our client's objectives and strategies and evaluate the impact of the regulatory requirements on these objectives. We assist our clients to integrate their compliance activities and embed them with the operations to ensure a smooth and efficient regulatory compliance program.
We provide consultancies in building effective and comprehensive compliance related MIS to serve as a monitoring tool and to facilitate timely management decisions.

Associated Risks

  • Penalties for Non compliance with statutory regulations
  • Problems in interpretation of law and formalizing compliance structure
  • Difficulties in implementation of directions from Foreign holding companies

Our Related Services

  • Listing Regulations Compliance Reviews
  • Anti-money laundering Regulations
  • Prudential Regulations Compliance Reviews
  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Reviews
  • UK Anti-bribery Act 2010 & US-FCPA
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