Management Concerns Regarding
Working Capital Management
  • Are we intelligently financing our operations?
  • Are we able to accurately forecast the surpluses and shortages of cash?
  • Do we hold inventory at optimum level?
  • Are we recovering our debts in time?

Working Capital Optimization

Receivable Management

Effective Receivable Management and control assures sustainability and growth. Our services i.e. Credit Evaluation procedures, Ageing Analysis, Recovery Assessment & Trend analysis creates a significant advantage for our client in effective controlling credit and closely monitoring the recovery efforts.

Associated Risks

  • Unusually high Debtor Turnover (Days),
  • Poor recoverability & High Bad debts.
  • Inaccuracies in Debtor records.
  • Legitimacy & traceability.
  • Poor follow-ups, Inaccurate Reports & monitoring

Our Related Services

  • Trends & Ageing Analysis
  • Assessment of Recovery Efforts
  • Mystery Shopping and Visits
  • Customer Evaluation & Assessment
  • Credit Evaluation
  • Correspondence & Confirmations
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Credit Control Manual & SOPs
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Sourcing-Debt Recovery
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