Management Concerns
Cost Control
  • Are we operating efficiently and controlling wastages, spoilage & overtime etc?
  • Are we monitoring our costs effectively through reliable and timely management Reports?
  • Have we bargained a right purchase price from our suppliers?
  • Can we further reduce our costs?

Cost Control

Production Audits

We assist our clients in increasing production efficiency by making informed decisions through our in-depth production analysis , performance reviews, time & Motion studies, power conservation studies, waste control and scrap management & health & safety audits.

Associated Risks

  • Production Inefficiencies (waste of power, time, quality)
  • Inaccurate Production Standards and Management Reports
  • Higher Rate of Breakage, Spoilage, Rejections, rework cost
  • Inefficient Scrap Management
  • High frequency of accidents and production stoppages

Our Related Services;

  • Production performance Reviews
  • Studies for Process Reengineering and Improvement
  • Time & Motion Studies
  • Waste Studies and Analysis of Production Losses
  • Scrap Management Reviews
  • Power conservation Studies
  • Health & Safety Reviews,
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