Management Concerns
  • Are we compliant with all the regulatory requirements applicable to our company?
  • Do we have a structure to effectively monitor and ensure compliance with the law?
  • Do we educate our staff regarding our company policies and work ethics?
  • Do we ensure that all our business partners comply with agreed business terms?


Policy & Strategy formulation and communication

Establishing and maintaining clear written policies and procedures is one of the key factor is having a successful business. Workplace policies are statements of principles and practices dealing with the ongoing management and administration of the organization. It is important that policies are reasonable, that employees are aware and clearly understand what the policy is trying to achieve.
We assist our clients in devising suitable policies and prescribing detailed procedure for their compliance. We also assist in exploring ways in which these regulations can be swiftly and successfully communicated to the staff to ensure their adherence.

Associated Risks

  • Absence of Policies and guidance may create confusion and bad practices
  • Policies and procedures may not be appropriately drafted or lack comprehensiveness
  • Lack of training / unawareness of staff result in non compliances and inefficiencies
  • Lack of suitable communication of policies and guidelines to stakeholders

Our Related Services

  • Company Policy and procedure Manual
  • Employee code of conduct
  • Environmental Health & Safety Manuals
  • Fraud Risk Management guidelines
  • IT Security & Privacy policies
  • Loss Prevention & Energy Management directives
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