Management Concerns Regarding
Working Capital Management
  • Are we intelligently financing our operations?
  • Are we able to accurately forecast the surpluses and shortages of cash?
  • Do we hold inventory at optimum level?
  • Are we recovering our debts in time?

Working Capital Optimization

Inventory Control

The ultimate challenge in managing inventory is balancing the supply of inventory with demand for inventory. Inventory controls relates to monitoring of inventory movements, maintenance of detailed stock records, and written policies regarding purchasing, receiving, inspection, and handling. Periodic inventory counts should occur to verify that the inventory amounts per books physically exist.
Our services including Inspections, Ware house Management Reviews, Policy compliance reviews & 3rd party Site Visits provide assurance to our clients with regards to the existence and condition of their stock. Our consulting services assist them in efficient inventory management.

Associated Risks

  • Losses due to breakage, mishandling, theft, expiry
  • Overstocking, Slow Moving & Obsolescence
  • Stock outs & inappropriate safety stock levels
  • High carrying cost & inaccurate Reorder level
  • Inadequate Insurance coverage

Our Related Services

  • Inventory Inspection & Physical Verification
  • Inventory Control Assessment
  • Warehousing Management Reviews
  • Cycle count process implementation
  • 3rd Part Site Inspections,
  • Inventory Control Manual & SOP
  • Benchmarking
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