Management Concerns
Accounting & Financial Administration
  • Have we adequately trained our staff to understand and comply with all reporting requirements?
  • Do our MIS reports reflect accurate information on timely basis?
  • Are we losing our resources due to financial frauds?
  • Do we protect our sensitive information?

Accounting & Financial Administration

International Financial Reporting Standards

We help our clients in all phases of conversion to IFRS, from the initial diagnostics & training to addressing the changes in accounting and Reporting infrastructure as well as the related project management requirements i.e. detailed conversion plan.

Associated Risks

  • Misapplication may result in ambiguity and lack of clarity in Financial Reports.
  • Non compliance resulting in audit report modifications & Shattered Confidence of Stakeholders
  • Misinterpretations of IFRS resulting on revision of disclosed Statements
  • Inadequate training and awareness of concerned staff

Our Related Services

  • IFRS Interpretation and Advisory
  • Training & Awareness
  • Reporting Process Restructuring and Alignment
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