Management Concerns
Information Technology Management & Control
  • Have we aligned our IT and Business Strategies?
  • Are we monitoring our IT functions properly?
  • Are the IT facilities and data well protected against intrusion or abuse?
  • Do we have an adequate Disaster Recovery Plan to counter operational disruptions?

Information Technology Management & Control

IT security & Privacy

With the ever increasing role of IT in business support and decision making, changes in the manner of conduct of business i.e. E-Commerce and Payments, data storage and transmission and the implication of various networks i.e. internet and extranet, calls for a thorough understanding of security risks and effective controlling strategies to counter them.
We enable our clients to better understand the IT Security risks and to manage these risks through effective control mechanisms like Security Policy, Segregation, data security and privacy, network monitoring and intrusion detection, awareness and training of IT users and other controls directed towards protecting data and ensuring its reliability.

Associated Risks

  • IT Resources may not be well protected from abuse/perpetrators
  • Privacy of sensitive information may not be adequately guarded
  • IT services may be disrupted due to viruses or intrusions
  • Incidences may be effectively monitored

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