Management Concerns
Information Technology Management & Control
  • Have we aligned our IT and Business Strategies?
  • Are we monitoring our IT functions properly?
  • Are the IT facilities and data well protected against intrusion or abuse?
  • Do we have an adequate Disaster Recovery Plan to counter operational disruptions?

Information Technology Management & Control

I.T Governance & Risk Management

Making right choices on the matters such as the extent of IT Investments and Expansion, its Role and Purpose in an organization and its management and monitoring can provide an organization a strong platform to effectively manage business decisions. We assist our clients to best manage and derive maximum benefit out of their valuable IT resources to ensure business success.

Associated Risks

  • IT strategy may not be aligned with Business Strategy
  • MIS performance may not be appropriately monitored
  • Lack of IT responsiveness for changes in Business Objectives
  • Underutilization of IT Resources
  • Acquisition of Asset may not be monitored properly

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