Management Concerns
Investigative services
  • Are the staff directives including code of conduct address the risk of frauds?
  • Have we incorporated a mechanism to get frauds or resource abuses reported on timely basis?
  • Is our staff adequately skilled and trained to conduct successful fraud investigations?
  • Do we properly address the identified violations of policies & procedures?


Fraud Risk Management

Fraud exposure awareness is essential in the present market situation where the regulars are increasingly emphasizing on effective management of risk and the responsibility of company management in this regards.
We provide assistance to organizations in developing effective strategies in countering the risk of fraud like a detailed fraud control policy, code of conduct, Anti-Fraud programs, Fraud detection and prevention controls. The fraud risk awareness program also is an effective tool to disseminate valuable information across the organization that reduces chances of fraud and increases timely reporting of such events.

Associated Risks

  • Financial Frauds and misappropriation f Assets
  • Thefts
  • Misuse of company's property
  • Leakages or misusage of critical information

Our Related Services

  • Fraud Control Policy
  • Anti-fraud Programs
  • Fraud Risk Awareness Programs
  • Fraud Prevention controls
  • Fraud Detection Controls
  • Fraud Audits.
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