Management Concerns
Investigative services
  • Are the staff directives including code of conduct address the risk of frauds?
  • Have we incorporated a mechanism to get frauds or resource abuses reported on timely basis?
  • Is our staff adequately skilled and trained to conduct successful fraud investigations?
  • Do we properly address the identified violations of policies & procedures?


Financial Investigation

High profile corporate failures in recent years have focused significant public and regulatory interest on corporate fraud. The penalties for fraudulent financial reporting are also very high.
We work with the our clients to innovate and devise measures enabling timely detection of financial frauds and deviations and their satisfactory and transparent resolution in the light of company internal rules and policies.

Associated Risks

  • Lack of timeliness in detection of frauds or bad practices
  • Mishandling of detected frauds
  • Focus misplaced on the fraud affects instead of causes

Our Related Services

  • Accounting related frauds
  • Investigation for Audit Committees & Board
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Money Laundering Investigation
  • Prudential Regulations Compliance Reviews
  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Reviews
  • UK Anti-bribery Act 2010 & US-FCPA
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