Management Concerns
Accounting & Financial Administration
  • Have we adequately trained our staff to understand and comply with all reporting requirements?
  • Do our MIS reports reflect accurate information on timely basis?
  • Are we losing our resources due to financial frauds?
  • Do we protect our sensitive information?

Accounting & Financial Administration

Enterprise Risk Management

Our Risk Advisory professionals team-up with our clients to ensure that their key business risks are appropriately identified in the light of their business strategies and effective controls are devised to counter the identified risk thereby assuring achievement of business objectives.

Associated Risks

  • Lack of management of business direction and controls resulting in Strategic Failures
  • Misalignment of Operational Risk and Control Structure
  • Inadequate Control Monitoring and Management
  • Lack on integration in information processing facilities

Our Related Services

  • Risk Advisories-identifying Key Business Risks and devising Control Strategies
  • Risk Response & Control Assessment
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