Management Concerns
  • Are we compliant with all the regulatory requirements applicable to our company?
  • Do we have a structure to effectively monitor and ensure compliance with the law?
  • Do we educate our staff regarding our company policies and work ethics?
  • Do we ensure that all our business partners comply with agreed business terms?


Due Diligence Exercise

Policies and Procedures are the strategic link between the Company's Vision and its day-to-day operations. Well written policies & procedures allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. These allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention.
Equally important are the rules and regulations under which the company conducts its business and transacts with the business partners and various stakeholders.
A carefully designed and implemented compliance program can provide the required assurance as to the adherence to the internal policies and external regulations. Due diligence exercises are vital components of such compliance programs where compliance preparedness and performance against prescribed standards is evaluated.
Our due diligence reviews not only focus on assessing internal policy compliances by company employees, departments and functions but all those made by the business partners including the Suppliers, Dealers, Distributors and contractors.

Associated Risks

  • Lack of standardization in services and operations due to informal policies and procedures
  • Business partners i.e. suppliers, distributors; dealers may violate regulations resulting in defamation of company
  • Service providers may not comply with the agreed terms of engagement.

Our Related Services

  • Contracts Reviews i.e. Contracts with Dealers, Distributers, Vendors and Suppliers
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Internal Policy Compliances Reviews with i.e. Disciplinary & ethical Guidelines, Policies & SOP's
  • Consultancy in development of Employee Code of Conduct
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