Management Concerns
Internal Audit
  • Do we have a strong and independent Internal Audit function?
  • Is the Audit function adequately staffed and trained to deal with key business risks?
  • Does our Audit scope adequately covers all critical areas of our business operations?
  • Are we monitoring our Audit activities adequately?

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Outsourcing/Co-Sourcing

An effective internal audit functions require a diversity of skills that companies generally find difficult to acquire or retain. Maintaining high quality internal audit services requires significant investment in recruiting, training and professionally developing internal audit personnel. Add to that the cost of the latest methodology, technology and management's time and resources.
With our people, methodologies and technology we are able to solve all the internal audit needs of any organization.

Associated Risks

  • The internal Audit Department may be understaffed
  • The Auditor may not be adequately trained or lack Audit Skills

Our Related Services

  • Full Outsourcing - A full scope, risk based internal audit plan outsourced to TAG Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. Our Officials conduct audit in accordance with the plan approved by the Board and report independently on issues concerning Internal Controls, Governance e and risk management.
  • Co-sourcing - The execution of the audit plan is shared between TAG Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. and the organisation. We contribute usually toward specialized areas or those that are more cost effective to outsource. These areas include Due diligence exercises, offsite Inspections, special investigations, financial or operational auditing
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