Management Concerns Regarding
Working Capital Management
  • Are we intelligently financing our operations?
  • Are we able to accurately forecast the surpluses and shortages of cash?
  • Do we hold inventory at optimum level?
  • Are we recovering our debts in time?

Working Capital Optimization

Cash Management

Inability to meet the short term liabilities may affect the company's operations and in many cases it may affect its reputation too. Lack of cash or liquid assets on hand may force a company to miss the incentives given by the suppliers of credit, services, and goods. Loss of such incentives may result in higher cost of goods which in turn affect the profitability of the business. So there is always a need for the company effectively manages its cash and liquidity.
Our services like Cash Management Reviews & Cash Counts assist our clients to effectively protect the precious resources while the Payment Control Reviews, Trend Analysis, Cash Management Manuals & SOPs assist in efficient management of liquid assets.

Associated Risks

  • Poor Management of payment terms
  • Inaccurate Cash records & Bank Reconciliations
  • Weak Payment controls
  • Excess Cash holdings
  • Theft & Misappropriation
  • Un-hedged Risks like Inadequacy of Insurance cover, exchange rate fluctuation

Our Related Services

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  • Cash Counts
  • Cash Control Reviews
  • Safety, Security & Insurance Coverage
  • Cash Management Manual & SOPs
  • Trend Analysis and Cash Optimization
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