Management Concerns
Information Technology Management & Control
  • Have we aligned our IT and Business Strategies?
  • Are we monitoring our IT functions properly?
  • Are the IT facilities and data well protected against intrusion or abuse?
  • Do we have an adequate Disaster Recovery Plan to counter operational disruptions?

Information Technology Management & Control

Business Continuity Management

The need of business continuity planning and crises management is well recognized across the globe as a critical aspect of the organizations overall risk management program. Management and other stakeholders are now concerned with the resilience and continuity of operations of their enterprise in case of an unforeseen event or disaster.
We assist our clients in the analysis, development and implementation of comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure the availability of critical business processes.
We focus on the analysis and evaluation of organizational DRP strategies and arrangements, testing them for their effectiveness and reliability and the awareness and training of company employees towards their individual roles and responsibilities assuring complete and smooth resumption of business activities in case of a disaster.

Associated Risks

  • IT may not be geared for interruptions.
  • Backups may not be properly maintained.
  • Service discontinuance in case of any disaster.

Our Related Services

  • Advisories on Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans
  • Advisories on Crises Management (CM) & Communication
  • Assessment of Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Assessing effectiveness of Data Backup Strategies
  • Assessing Effectiveness of Back up Sites
  • Awareness & Training
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