Management Concerns
Internal Audit
  • Do we have a strong and independent Internal Audit function?
  • Is the Audit function adequately staffed and trained to deal with key business risks?
  • Does our Audit scope adequately covers all critical areas of our business operations?
  • Are we monitoring our Audit activities adequately?

Internal Audit

Audit Tools

Internal Audit functions are retooling the competency of their staff as their focus shifts from compliance to business improvement. Retention and competency development of top performing internal audit talent continues to be key issues to both internal audit and the organization. Internal Audit Manuals, Work Programs, ethical guidelines and detailed Job descriptions ensure high quality audit services and consistency.
Moreover the Significant increase in technology usage suggests that the internal audit functions are realizing the cost benefit of tools that increase their efficiency and effectiveness.
We offer various tools and techniques as solutions directed toward increasing the quality of audit and bridging the gap between performance and expectations.

Associated Risks

  • Audit approach may be arbitrary or misaligned with business
  • Lack of systematic approach in scheduling and conduct of audits
  • Absence of Internal Audit Manual or Standard Audit Programs affects supervision and monitoring

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