Management Concerns
Internal Audit
  • Do we have a strong and independent Internal Audit function?
  • Is the Audit function adequately staffed and trained to deal with key business risks?
  • Does our Audit scope adequately covers all critical areas of our business operations?
  • Are we monitoring our Audit activities adequately?

Internal Audit

Audit Committee Advisory

The audit committee is established with the aim of enhancing confidence in the integrity of an organization's processes and procedures relating to internal control and corporate reporting including financial reporting. Audit Committee provides an 'independent' reassurance to the board through its oversight and monitoring role. Among many responsibilities the boards entrust the Audit Committee with, are the transparency and accuracy of financial reporting and disclosures, effectiveness of external and internal audit functions, robustness of the systems of internal audit and internal controls, effectiveness of anti-fraud, ethics and compliance systems, review of the functioning of the whistleblower mechanism. Audit Committee may also play a significant role in the oversight of the company's risk management policies and programs.
Our professionals help the audit committees in understanding and carrying out their responsibilities effectively.

Associated Risks

  • Unawareness of Audit committee towards increasing legal responsibilities
  • The organization of the Committee may not be adequate for its purpose
  • Internal Audit Activities may not be adequately monitored
  • TORs of the Committee may not be aligned with the statutory responsibilities

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