Management Concerns
Information Technology Management & Control
  • Have we aligned our IT and Business Strategies?
  • Are we monitoring our IT functions properly?
  • Are the IT facilities and data well protected against intrusion or abuse?
  • Do we have an adequate Disaster Recovery Plan to counter operational disruptions?

Information Technology Management & Control

Application Control Effectiveness

The timeliness and reliability of the information is essential for correct decision making and business success. These days, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions -ERPS serve as a valuable source of information for the management to monitoring and control the business. Consequently it is critical for an organization to exercise due care during selecting, implementing and managing today's complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
We help our clients to wisely choose application solutions, manage significant risks of ERP implementations, evaluate and design effective segregation of duties frameworks, customize the solutions to best fit their information processing needs and train their users to ensure efficient resource utilization.

Associated Risks

  • IT solutions may have weak internal controls
  • Software once acquired may not be adequately maintained
  • Inadequate training affects utilization of software features
  • Vendor support may be inadequate

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  • User training and awareness
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