Management Concerns
Cost Control
  • Are we operating efficiently and controlling wastages, spoilage & overtime etc?
  • Are we monitoring our costs effectively through reliable and timely management Reports?
  • Have we bargained a right purchase price from our suppliers?
  • Can we further reduce our costs?

Cost Control

Administration Audits

Control over administrative expenses is equally important as this area contributes significantly to the operating costs. Our service range enable our client in closer monitoring and identification of leakages through our spend reviews, time & motion studies, campaign review, fraud and forensic investigations.

Associated Risks

  • Inadequate monitoring of support cost
  • Weak Resource protection
  • High repair & maintenance costs
  • Buddy swiping and Payroll Frauds
  • Lack of controls over 3rd party service contracts

Our Related Services

  • Security Reviews
  • Time & Motion Studies
  • Health & Safety Reviews
  • Spend Reviews
  • Evaluation of campaigns
  • Fraud & Forensic Investigations
  • 3rd party reviews.
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