Management Concerns
  • Do we have an effective cost control mechanism?
  • Do we have a structure to ensure regulatory compliance?
  • Do we monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations?
  • Do we protect our valuable assets and information from abuse?

Our Services

Our range of services stem out of the extensive experience that our consultants share to help our clients effectively manage risks while pursuing aggressive businesses strategies.
Through our Risk Advisory and Internal Audit services we provide objective insights to our clients about their governance, risk management and control processes.
We assist our clients through our objective analysis of their operational efficiencies and effectiveness, accuracy and timeliness of management reports, management of IT resources, financial control and regulatory compliances as well as fraud detection and prevention.
We have performed numerous financial and internal control reviews and investigations, either as part of a formal internal audit activity or otherwise and have reported directly to the board of directors, audit committee or management of local and multinational companies in manufacturing and service sector.
TAG Group Clients